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How we work

# R&D 

Optical engineering is at the core of the augmented reality experience. The Optics & Holography department uses the most advanced equipment to perform state-of-the-art laser research and optical design, resulting in breakthroughs in holography.

# Hardware engineering

The Hardware Engineering Department uses computer-aided engineering for the mechanical design, prototyping, and assembly of our products at all stages of their development — all achieved in-house.

# Electronics engineering

The Electronics Engineering department conducts systems design research and carries out analog and mixed-signal design, FPGA design, power supply construction, and PCB assembly.

# Software engineering

The Software Engineering Department employes DevOps, and is responsible for developing our unique software like the AR Rendering Engine and the SDK, in addition to creating and troubleshooting firmware and backend for mobile.

# Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team performs rigorous testing of our web and mobile interfaces, in additional to testing our hardware and software to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

# Design

The Design Department covers a range of tasks that define the look and feel of our products, including graphic design, UI/UX design, industrial design, CG design, and web development.

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