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Our innovations & proprietary technologies make us leaders in the civilian AR+AI system and OUTDOOR AR™ pioneers.


Thanks to years of continuous R&D and our brilliant team, we were able to create products that are unrivaled in the AR and mixed reality industries.

We are committed to being the deep-tech AR+AI company that continues to drive human progress. 
We imagine tomorrow's products and create them today.


SIRIUS - AR Goggles

The first truly implemented augmented reality display for outdoor sports ever


We are the first company to invent and master the technology for creating a True Augmented Reality experience for the outdoor industry and beyond. The information displayed via Ostloong’s OUTDOOR AR Display is seamlessly integrated into the real world at variable depth. The objective is to totally change navigation, communication, and safety in the mountains. This is the smartest ski goggle ever. GPS, built-in cellular data, HD camera also allowing LIVE streaming.

Build with Near-Eye AR display

Application to OUTDOOR AR Technology

The Power of AR+AI

Sirius - AR Goggles


Outdoor AR® technology — a new generation of the Ostloong Outdoor AR® application where different parts of the virtual image can appear at different distances. With the OUTDOOR Reality Display, the virtual meets the real: both appear simultaneously at the same distance and become one.


OUTDOOR AR® technology brings a new interactive experience to traditional outdoor events, adding a new immersive true AR effect with multiple planes of depth.


This breakthrough feature further reduces the disparity errors between the virtual image and the real world, resulting in an even more impressive user experience.


Do Deep-Tech

We are vertically integrated and we put deep foundational scientific research at the scope of all our innovations. We keep most of the steps of our product creation in-house, which allows us to control the development and production process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

Near-eye Display

Ostloong® is pioneering its first-ever full-color Near-Eye Augmented Reality Display (NED) for the outdoor industry. It surpasses many conventional solutions in projection system volume, field of view, and distance to the virtual image.

Outdoor AR+AI

AI enables capabilities like real-world object tagging, enabling an AR system to predict the appropriate interface for a person in a given virtual environment. Through these and other possibilities, AI enhances AR to create a multidimensional and responsive virtual experience that can bring people new levels of insight and creativity.

Hardware Technician


​We are on a mission to make outdoor life more fun, convenient, and secure by using technology to make wearable devices a window into virtual worlds.


We are pioneering AR technologies that enable a new content-delivery paradigm, for smart outdoor sport, rescue, exploration and discovery, commercial transportation, mining and oilfield operations, and beyond.


Starting with the near-eye display and ending with any wearable surface, we can make the world a better place — by augmenting it and creating something

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