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Who we are

When analyzing the AR world, we see that the vast majority of companies focus on Indoor technologies, where the orientation issue can be solved relatively easily. When it comes to Outdoor AR, Ostloong stands almost alone due to the many challenges. After years of experience in using and developing search and rescue, civilian AR systems, the company has developed methods to overcome these technological challenges. 

While other companies focus on refining or delivering standardized tech, or are limited to business model innovation, we offer unique OUTDOOR AR solutions. Our underlying intellectual property is well-protected and hard to reproduce, making it a strong competitive advantage or barrier to entry.

# OUTDOOR AR Display

The first truly implemented augmented reality display for outdoor sports ever

The first truly implemented augmented reality display for outdoor sports ever


We are the first company to invent and master the technology for creating a True Augmented Reality experience for the outdoor industry and beyond. The information displayed via Ostloong’s OUTDOOR AR Display is seamlessly integrated into the real world at variable depth.

# The Power of AR+AI

AI is the key to enabling AR to interact with the physical environment in a multidimensional way. Object recognition and tracking, gestural input, eye tracking, and voice command recognition combine to let you manipulate 2D and 3D objects in virtual space with your hands, eyes, and words.

AI enables capabilities like real-world object tagging, enabling an AR system to predict the appropriate interface for a person in a given virtual environment. Through these and other possibilities, AI enhances AR to create a multidimensional and responsive virtual experience that can bring people new levels of insight and creativity.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens

What we do

Application:  Near-eye AR vision display for outdoors


Our near-eye AR vision displays for outdoor sports have achieved satisfactory results in terms of their precise positioning, the field of view, and distance from the tagged image. The application can be customized to meet any specific integration requirements. The AR user interface can be designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts and traditional outdoor sports businesses.


The AR user interface can be designed for various outdoor sports: profit skiing, cycling, motorcycling, and hiking. The display shows the user useful information such as altitude and temperature, road map, wind speed, movement speed, and animated POIs.

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